When Love Arrives: Keeping Traditions Alive & A Poetry for the Hopeless Romantic


Dress by Mango

Shoes by H&M

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I love to go all out. Whether it’s for family, friends or partners, showering the precious people in your life with grand gestures is really not a bad idea. Relationships are a beautiful thing that we often take advantage of, so this day may very well be a reminder to show that you care!

I’d like to think I became a V-Day fan because my dad is one too. During this time of the year, I would sneak into my florist neighbor’s house to design flower arrangements for the family, I would go ring shopping with my dad who would set up romantic dinners for my mum and I would even do a V-Day “Secret Santa” with my friends. It’s no wonder my Psychology committee’s annual tradition is to matchmake students based on scientific (and Buzzfeed-worthy) surveys.

Our family’s not big on celebrations but Valentine’s Day is a thing in our house. Many people might argue that it’s fruitless but I’m not getting rid of it that easily.


Forever listening to:

Spoken word poetry “When Love Arrives” by Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Gaeina Lee says:

    …Maybe love is in different time zone, already asleep…
    Oh ho ho… So true.


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