Isn’t She Lovely: Something All Women Need to Hear


I tried to come up with another spin to this post but to no avail. So here I am casually deviating from the norm if only to send a universal reminder. It’s sad to see so many women, even around me, put themselves down even though they’re beautiful inside and out. Of course, I still fall victim to that habit too but that’s what friends are for – to remind you that you’re stunning.

Ever since I picked up my camera and started taking pictures of my friends, I’ve noticed that most of them shy away from the camera thinking they have triple chin, greasy hair or unruly brows. I hope one day when they’re feeling down they would look at these pictures and see themselves the way everyone else do: beautiful. And if you’re reading this having the same problems, I hope your friends remind you that you are too.

P. S. Laughter is the best filter


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