Foodie Heaven: Delectable Asian Cuisine at Umami

IMG_6003.JPGNigiri zalm flambee


Unagi roll


Brownie met yuzu sorbet*

To celebrate the start of a new journey, I went out for dinner at Umami with my two lovely friends. The restaurant is tucked away in a quaint street near Neude, close enough so that it’s easily spotted but far enough so that the noise doesn’t disturb the romantic ambience.

The dishes were quite small but rationally portioned for an all-you-can-eat system. My friends chose most of the vegan dishes whilst I went for nigiri zalm flambé (nigiri salmon flambé), ha kao, sate kambing (lamb sate), and unagi roll (eel roll) among others.

The highlights of the night had to be the unagi roll and the brownie with yuzu sorbet. The light drizzle of the sweet sauce on slightly crispy yet tender eels balanced the rice and avocado portion perfectly. As for the dessert, the rich chocolate brownie and yuzu sorbet easily melted in our mouths, also hitting the soft spot of our sweet tooth cravings.

Later that night, we would thank our instincts for choosing the 3-rounds menu. It was an incomparable dining experience with great service, but we underestimated just how full we would feel afterwards.


*Yuzu is a type of citrus commonly used in Japanese or Korean foods and drinks


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