Life after Uni & How to Wear Stripes


Top from Bershka

Blazer from ASOS Marketplace

My friend once told me that she hated stripes, claiming it was too mainstream and that many people wore it the same way. In an effort to change her mind, I decided to give this top a try by pairing it with a blue blazer, a denim skirt, and sheer black hold-ups. Needless to say the pairings gave the pattern a different feel than the casual airy vibe it usually gives. When it comes to clothes, it’s still all about the pairings!

On another note, for the possibly few curious minds who ask: so, graduation’s passed, what now? Here’s my answer: I have no idea! The only things I know at this point in my life are:

  1. I am slowly but surely turning pescetarian or maybe even vegan
  2. In the next few years, I’ll spend my days working somewhere I’ll enjoy
  3. As for now, Indonesia awaits!

This isn’t the end of anything other than every other student’s nightmare (thesis). And while I’d like to think that my studying days are over, I’ll come back to a lecture hall in a few years.

Photo credits: the lovely & talented Simona Evstatieva



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